9 Better-Than-Jeans Leggings

LetterfolkImage: Letterfolk

With all the holiday shopping, running errands, and loosening belts during holiday grazing, leggings may just be the best form of relief this season. Stylish, comfortable, and layer-friendly, you really can’t go wrong with adding these bottoms to your or your girl’s festive attire. Here are nine that are on my list.

Amazing Girls Leggings1. Sparkle Block Leggings, Tea Collection | 2. Vintage Checkered Toddler Leggings, Misha and Puff | 3. Owlish Cozy Leggings, Tea Collection | 4. Nadia Rain Print Leggings, Joah Love | 5. Argyle Leggings, Tea Collection | 6. Crimson Everyday Leggings, Nico Nico

Left to Right: Checked Leggings | Faux Suede LeggingsHerringbone Leggings | All from Zara


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