Tea's Black Friday ends November 25th

Tea Collection: Best 12 at $12 Each

Kids Fashion Black Friday1. Bear With Me Graphic Tee | 2. Shetland Sweater Graphic Tee | 3. Baby Girl Bonnie Graphic Tee | 4. Baby Girl Hedgehog Graphic Tee | 5. Thistle Graphic Tee | 6. Baby Girl Dealan-de Applique Tunic | 7. Saltmarket Graphic Tee | 8. Fraser Happy Hoodie | 9. Finfolk Cuffed Top | 10. Aberdeen Asymmetrical Top | 11. Baby Boys Glasgow Tour Graphic Baby Tee | 12. Salty Badger Graphic Tee

I avoid spending too much time navigating Black Friday sales. Sometimes I get sucked in and resurface hours later, just in time for dinner. Nowadays, I simply keep a list of designers and brands who create clothing that I consider a good value for good style and design. Tea Collection is on the list. Despite the fact that my now tween boy and teen girl no longer wear Tea, they’ve been loyal followers since infants, wearing the early wrap bodysuit sets and so on. I still love Tea’s wearable and well-made designs, especially their original travel-inspired graphics. And, always popular with my kids are the printed tees. Here, 12 mostly-graphic picks that should be on your gift list… and at $12 each, you may want to get more than one. Just saying.

Tea’s Black Friday Sale ends Saturday, November 25th.

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