Soft Toy Gift Ideas

Out of the Ordinary Soft Toy Gifts

A stuffed animal is a timeless toy, and a carefully selected menagerie can provide the best kind of hugs that only a child could appreciate. Though classic animals will always be part of our child’s life, I love the modern twist on soft toys. Designs inspired by Japanese anime and original drawings are created to go beyond the nursery and toddler toy chest. The Wild’s minimalist hand-printed animals can engage little ones now and later add amusement to a bookshelf. Coral and Tusk transforms hand-drawn illustrations into embroidered dolls and each one has its own story, in a Wes Anderson kind of way. Still cuddly and always playful, these are nine of the best unique soft toys for the season.

Out of the Ordinary Soft Toy Gifts1. Fox Pocket Doll, Coral and Tusk | 2. Penelope the Panda Soft Toy Pillow, The Wild | 3. Soft Serve Ice Cream 15”, Squishable | 4. Sweet Dream Moon, Sass & Belle | 5. Cat Head Pillow, Rilakkuma | 6. Ricecarrot Pink Rabbit, Noodoll | 7. S’More, Squishable | 8. Panda Pocket Doll, Coral and Tusk | 9. Pip the Porcupine Soft Toy Pillow, The Wild