Holiday Dress

Holiday Boots

Dressed up or more causal, boots are trending this season. Comfortable, warm, and durable, it’s easy to mix and match kids boots with all kinds of outfits. For me, I love that boots last longer, can withstand wet weather (always spray with protective coating!), and they have more of an edgy vibe. Included in my picks are metallics, which are my favorite for fall and winter. And yes they pair well with more than you think. Treat them like a neutral and you’ll be fine.

holiday looks for kidsClockwise from top left: Dress  |  Tights  |  Hair Clip  |  Boots 

Holiday Looks for Baby GirlsClockwise from top left: Baby Dress  |  Leggings  |  Baby Boots  |  Coat 

Holiday Looks for GirlsClockwise from top left: Dress  |  Cardigan  |  Socks  | Boots

And if you’re wondering what I splurged on this season, these are my new boots.

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