Molo Halloween

Kids’ Halloween Clothing

Halloween with Molo and Stella McCartney Kids1. Lurk Dress Porcelain Clay, Molo | 2. Black Bella Ghost Tee, Stella McCartney Kids | 3. Frighten Bodysuits Jersey Porcelain Clay, Molo | 4. Cream Bunny Ear Knit Cardigan, Stella McCartney Kids | 5. Casta Dress LS Porcelain Clay, Molo | 6. Modi Sweatshirt Pirate Black, Molo | 7. Grey Ghost Jumper, Stella McCartney Kids | 8. Frillo Bodystockings LS Black, Molo | 9. Grey Ghost Knit Dress, Stella McCartney Kids

Halloween has come a long way. The domination of candy treats are still here, much to my chagrin, but we have more choices on playing dress-up. I remember walking up and down aisles of painted plastic masks with itchy elastic bands that never quite sat right around my head. Once I got a bit more crafty in fourth grade, I started digging up old dresses, sewing, and experimenting with makeup to create DIY costumes. Mine kind of looked like this one on Mother Magazine but not as polished. I probably looked more like the image on the right! After Halloween, I recycled the material and props for my siblings. Fast forward and children’s brands are thinking outside the box when designing seasonal and holiday clothing. Modern styles that can be worn as costumes as well as everyday wear is the norm. Playful, elegant and reusable (you can hand down the love once they’ve outgrown the piece), the small collections deserve attention. I love the lines on this ghost-like garb from Molo. It’s a simple cotton dress that can be worn on a weekend playdate or embellished for a Halloween outing. For the new mom who wants to get into the spirit but wants the baby to be comfortable, this baby bodysuit is sweetly spooky. On a cold night, these bunny ears will keep your little one warm while trick-or-treating. Here are nine of the best looks for a green Halloween.

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