The Darling Llama

Who doesn’t love a llama? Widely domesticated in South America, these social animals are quite intelligent and love to be in their packs (or squads just like our kids). Tinycottons, a Barcelona-based brand, has taken these cute creatures to the next level and creatively added them to their eco-friendly kids clothing and accessories. Rather than llama wool sweaters, how about a cuddly cotton blanket instead? Add some fun to a friendly flag football game with these kicks. Playful and stylish, the llama will be their new best friend for fall.

Tinycottons Llamas1. Beige Llama Face Graphic T-Shirt  |  2. Navy Llama Print Flatforms  |  3. Blue Llama Knitted Cardigan  |  4. Dark Navy Llamas Long Sleeve Body  |  5. Beige Llama Print Blanket  |  6. Dark Navy/Beige Llamas Bib  |  7. Beige Llama Faces Onesie  |  8. Navy and Beige Llama Print Boots  |  9. Beige Llama Faces Leggings


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