Ocean Park Blues

Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park SeriesRichard Diebenkorn: Ocean Park #54, 1972 | Ocean Park #79, 1975

I have to confess. I’ve been playing hooky. In addition to a road trip to Orcas Island with my family (trip guide here), I’ve been spending time visiting museums and galleries looking for inspiration, taking pictures, and finding my happy place. Jumping right in at the Matisse/Diebenkorn¬†at SFMOMA, I was drawn to the soothing shades of blue found in Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series. Seemed like the perfect palette for summer. More art-inspired colors to come!

Blue Inspired by Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park Series1. T-Shirt (Blue Stripes), Nadadelazos | 2. Piscine Tee Shirt, Louis Louise | 3. Baby Knitted Romper, Piupiuchick | 4. Lotte Denim Shorts, Popupshop | 5. Tank Dotto, Nadadelazos | 6. Eddie Harem 3/4 Short, Nico Nico | 7. Shorts ( Downtown Chambray), Chaboukie | 8. Denim Skirt, Yellow Pelota | 9. Hoshi Blue Shorts, Nadadelazos

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