Worlds Ocean Day

I love the sea. It’s truly a magical place of animals, plants and scenes that only mother nature could produce. And while protecting and conserving the world’s oceans is challenging, remembering its awesome beauty is easy. In honor of World Oceans Day, I’ve chosen a few favorite things from the great blue. Things to see, to wear and to do.

To See
Magnificent ocean scenes from nature photographer, Paul Nicklen.

Paul NicklenStunning Attack

Paul NicklenGathering of Unicorns

Paul NicklenPacific Dance

To Wear
World Ocean Day1. Rita the Fish Swimpants, Nadadelazos  |  2. Seahorses Sun Hat, Hatley  |  3. Dolphin Print Tee, Popupshop  |  4. Toothy Sharks Coveralls, Hatley  |  5. The Polar Pack, Madeleine Rogers  |  6. Beach Day Blanket, Winter Water Factory  |  7. Odell Octopus, Jellycat  |  8. Moby Short Sleeve Onesie, Roberta Roller Rabbit  |  9. Tank Top (sharks), Winter Water Factory

To Do
Ways to celebrate and honor our oceans everyday from
1. Organize one shoreline cleanup in your community each year. Even if you don’t live near an ocean, lakes, streams and rivers work too as these water bodies all lead to the ocean.

2. Plan a movie night in your community featuring two of your favourite ocean documentaries like End of the Line, Sushi: The Global Catch, or Sharkwater.

3. Ask three of your favourite seafood retailers and/or restaurants to source their seafood more sustainably with a letter explaining the importance of ocean-friendly seafood.

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