Best S'mores Kit for Camping

Cool Camping Gear

Cool Camping Gear for Kids1. Portable Campfire, OneLogFire  |  2. Play Teepee, Manimal  |  3. Moji Light, Black Diamond  |  4. Chalkboard and Chalk Set  |  5. Land Rover, Bruder  |  6. Mineral Excavation Kit, Seedling  |  7. Kids Sleeping Bag, Kelty  |  8. Artisan S’mores Kit, Ticket Kitchen  |  9. Yosemite Embroidery Kit, Studio MME

It’s our kids’ spring break, and we’re camping up north. I’m using the word camping quite loosely, we’re actually staying at Autocamp in a very comfy Airstream trailer. We’re looking forward to unplugging for the week and getting on bikes, in boats, reading on a log, playing games and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Whether you’re resting under the great Redwoods or creating your own backyard adventure, you’ll need some fun equipment. Here, a roundup of must-haves for happy campers. S’mores anyone?

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