Art Prints for Kids Rooms

Hanging art prints is an easy and fun way to add color and personality to any space. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your child’s bedroom, add some fun to a boring hallway or create an inspiration wall, you can find modern art prints in an array of subjects, colors, and mediums as well as prices. I tend to gravitate towards nature and am always on the look out for unique and beautiful ways an artist depicts animals, plants, and color. And it’s a bonus when I can picture the piece in a child’s room as well as mine! Here are my favorites this season.

Aiko Fukawa Art PrintFramed Rabbit Print

About the Artist
Japanese illustrator Aiko Fukawa creates art for advertisements, book covers, stationery, magazines, children’s picture book, and more. She enjoys working with clients from different countries. I enjoy looking at her whimsical and elegant portrait of a rabbit.

Kelzuki Art Prints, Kelsey OseidKelzuki Creatures of the Infraorder Cetacea Print | Kelzuki Creatures of the Order Lepidoptera Print

About the Artist
I love these vintage-inspired prints from Kelsey Oseid, a freelance illustrator and artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She mostly works with gouache and watercolor to create these beautiful works. I’m especially fond of the flow of objects in the Cetacea print of whales and dolphins. It looks like they’re moving in their natural water habitat.

Juliet Meeks Art PrintsSleepy Narwhal Print framed & unframed | Color Study Art Print framed & unframed

About the Artist
Juliet Meeks is a graphic designer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Each art print was painted by using watercolor or gouache, exploring surface pattern designs. The modern art-inspired dot print is a cheerful addition to any room.

Cassie Guy Art PrintsFramed Wolf Print | Framed Elephant Print

About the Artist
Cassie Guy is a Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator who began as a doodler. She is currently drawing, painting, making, and writing picture books. The balloon print, that reminds me of Paul Smith’s signature stripes, made me smile.

What’s your favorite art print?

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