I Love You Mug for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I Love You Mug!
As much as I love the holidays, I’m happy to say goodbye to wintery motifs and welcome new spring prints, colors, and designs. For a fresh start to the new year, think of lasting gifts of pinks, reds and hearts for your heart-warming child and home. I hope you enjoy the picks!

Fun kids clothes and accessories for Valentine's Day
1. Confetti Cardigan: The classic cardigan made modern with an elegant sprinkle of hearts to brighten her day.
2. Scarf: A fun way to keep warm when it’s still chilly outside.
3. Heartbreaker T-Shirt: He’s a heartbreaker, dream maker.
4. Gold Heart Tee: Because she has a heart of gold.
5. Heart Iron-On: For the creative type, iron on a heart to a favorite jean jacket, backpack, or sweatpants.
6. Emoji Headband: My favorite emoji. What’s yours?
7. Red Velvet Dress: If I could still dress my daughter, this is what she’d wear on Valentine’s Day.
8. Heart Leggings: Leggings never go out of style, and these are a fun all-year-round design.


Decorate your home with your heart!
1. Jess Brown Doll: Whether it’s on her bed, book shelf or toy chest, a Jess Brown doll adds just the right amount of color and play to a girls’ room.
2. Hugs & Kisses Pillow: A bold display hugs and kisses will go far.
3. Heart Stickers: For your crafty cupid.
4. I Love You Mug: Make that last sip extra special.
5. Heart Straws: It’s not a party until you have glitter!
6. Heart Bottle Bag: Taking your little one a Valentine’s Day picnic? The bag holds two bottles so and sit back and relax.
7. Heart Ornaments: Perfect for adding little surprises throughout the house.
8. Bike Pillow: A heartfelt delivery for your sweet bicycle messenger.



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