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Maplanta Texas Christmas OrnamentsTexas Highway

Looking for a personalized and unique gift for Christmas or for someone who has just moved? I love these littles works for art from Maplanta, a small business located Decatur, Georgia. And yes, they have more than just these pretty highway ornaments. You’ll also find statewide modern prints as well as city-specific treasures.

Juliann and Jake Tompkins are the talented cartography designers behind Maplanta. Together with a friend they started designing small wooden neighborhood pieces as a part of the free art movement in Atlanta about five years ago. “The free arts group of artists would leave temporary art or pieces of art around the city and use social media as a scavenger hunt of sorts. Whoever finds it gets to keep it for free.” I love this idea and wish every neighborhood would start their own movement. Many people liked Juliann and Jake’s designs and so Maplanta was born. The ornaments are laser-cut maple, but each piece is finished and handled with individual care. The packaging is letterpressed as well as hand-stamped, as you’ll see below. Currently, they have about 68 products in the collection. Here are some standout pieces.

Neighborhoods of Atlanta Print from MaplantaNeighborhoods of Atlanta

Hawaii Ornaments from MaplantaHawaii Highway

Maplanta Highway OrnamentsMississippi Highway

You can find Maplanta’s complete collection on Etsy.

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