Month: February 2016
Dot leg warmers for kids

9 Unique Winter Accessories for Kids

Accessories are always fun, but there are extra things to choose from in the winter, like leg warmers and socks. There are also the accessoris that are great all year, like handbags and angel wings in rich shades that complement deeper and lighter tones. If you’re…

Baby Gifts

Winter Baby Gift Guide

When you’re shopping for a baby in the winter, you can choose between cuddly outfits, cozy blankets, hoodies, and toys. Shopping this time of year can be the most fun. What’s sweeter than a baby in footie pajamas or a warm hat? The Rock Maple Wood…

New York Children's Brands

13 Made in New York

Celebrating Local Children’s Brands for Fashion Week We’re kicking off Fashion Week NYC, in our own little way, with a tribute to our favorite made-in-New-York children’s brands. And while you may not see Brett Johnson’s western vibe or Alexander Wang’s highly anticipated collection, we do have…

Kids Outerwear

Essential Winter Outerwear for Kids

Times change, styles evolve, but there are always essential pieces of winter outerwear that your kids will need. From the heavy coat with a hood to lightweight, water-resistant jackets for those milder rainy days, it’s good to have a selection on hand. Beyond the main pieces,…

New Douuod made in Italy

Kids Looks: Stardust From Mars

Aerofono Top, Douuod | Gauze Star Clip, Atsuyo et Akiko | Snow Vest, Little Creative Factory | Off White Leather Hi Top with Glitter Star, Billieblush | Bolero Shorts, Douuod