What's in your backpack?

Kids Backpack Treasures

Beyond the essentials of books, papers and pencils, children love to pack special belongings that reflect their personality. Perhaps it’s a favorite craft that provides after-school enjoyment or an auspicious charm that is kept safe in a front zipper compartment (for easy access of course), or sometimes it’s simply a fun accessory that helps them get through the day. Whether it’s a special stuffed animal, lucky binoculars or a fun hat, these little treasures provide insight into who they are… or who they aspire to be. For the kids who love all-things animal, who seek adventure, who are problem-solvers, who create miniature masterpieces and who have an eye for style, this is for you. What’s in your backpack?

Inside Kids' BackpacksElephant Cameo Pin, Coral and Tusk | The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling | Happy Koala, Hansa | Pony Pouch, Manimal | Horses Beanie, Bobo Choses | Bowerbird Pal, Coral and Tusk

Treasures for the Eager ExplorerThe Great Adventure Kit, Seedling | Real Binoculars, Seedling | Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters, Paul Goble


Cool Kid Backpacks at Sweet William


For the Enterprising TinkererAll New Woodworking for Kids, Kevin McGuire | Design Your Own Box Kite, Seedling | Easy-to-Make Old Fashioned Toys, Jr. Eugene F. Provenzo

For the Promising Fashion DesignerKnitting Doll, Perisphere & Trylon | Miss Patch’s Learn to Sew Book,Carolyn Meyer | Create Your Own Feather Crown, Seedling | Jewel Pompom Bracelet, Atsuyo et Akiko | Angora Hair Tie, H-Luv

For the Budding ArtistEco-Crayons Sea Rocks, Eco-Kids | Mushroom Clipboard, Seedling | Eco-Paint, Eco-Kids

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