Month: February 2015

Toys for Traveling to a Home Away from Home

Click on images for more detail When you’re making a short trip and booking a small hotel room, you may try to limit your child to one or two favorite toys and plan to largely entertain your family outside of the room. But what if you…

Family Vacation Rental in Paris

Kid & Coe: Where to Go this Spring and Summer

These days, finding the right vacation for my family requires special skills in navigating through dozens of travel sites, threads of reader comments, and uninspired photographs. Then along came Kid & Coe, a modern one-stop travel shop for families looking for a truly fabulous kid-friendly vacation. From tropical…

Hipster Hoodies for Kids

We never grow tired of the modern hoodie. It’s an essential season transition piece that keeps them warm but is lighter than a jacket and sportier than a sweater. Kids can warm-up, cool-down and simply chill in comfort without giving up style. Choose from early arrivals of nautical…

Alia Wang at Fashion Week New York 2015

Cool Kids at New York Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week ends tomorrow and while everyone is swooning over the shows, I’m loving snapshots of all the young and almost-famous attendees. Dressed mostly in classic black, these petite hipsters add a fun freshness to the front row (and some not so fun). Here are some popular photos… Photos from Sophisticated and…

Girls Cashmere Bomber Jacket

Girls’ Bomber Jackets

Photo from Sophisticated Inspired by Alia Wang‘s luxe bomber jacket at New York Fashion Week, we found a few picks of our own. Sophisticated and versatile, these jackets pair well with simple black jeans or a denim skirt. Create a rich layered look with lightweight sweaters, breezy blouses, and long-sleeve tees. Cashmere Bomber Jacket,…

Boys gingham shirt

Kids Looks: Boys’ Summer Standard

Short Sleeve Buttondown, Bella Bliss | The Expert Baseball Cap, J.Crew | Kids’ Junior Aviator Sunglasses, Ray-Ban® | Reece, Umi Shoes | Ripstop Shorts, Tea Collection