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Carina Schott, Nonchalant Mom

If you’re stumped on what to get mom this holiday season, help is on the way! Tastemaker Carina Schott, owner of Nonchalant Mom and mother of two, has carefully compiled a list of beautiful and thoughtful gifts for mom. From beeswax candles and handmade bells, to handcrafted jewelry and super-soft sneakers, Carina knows a thing or two about pampering mom. Read on for some great ideas…

Melissa Joy Manning Jewelry
Melissa Joy Manning JewelryI just added the Melissa Joy Manning Collection, necklaces and earrings made from sustainable and recyclable material. Soon after, I received many emails from friends and customers telling me that they are so happy to see her designs on Nonchalant Mom (I am too). It was hard to make a selection for the store because I wanted it all! If I had to choose one style, the hug earrings are my thing. I am contemplating a second pierce in one of my ears just so that I can wear the single diamond hug earring. I love the simplicity of never needing to take it off and always looking very cool. For the busy mom, this is a practical time saver. Shop Melissa Joy Manning

Aesop Gift Certificate
Aesop  skin, body productsI love Australia-based Aesop, their plant-based products leave my skin feeling soft and younger. I use the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser, Geranium Leaf Body Balm, and am addicted to the Marrakech Intense Parfum. I always carry the purse-size parfum in my Clare Vivier Tropezienne (another find for mom). Shop Aesop

Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche CollectionFeatured in Vogue, Marie Claire, and New York Magazine, Ryan Roche’s distinctive designs are a must-have for the modern mom. I love my Ryan Roche sweater and wear it almost everyday, not just for special occasions. When living in Italy, my friends and I designed a clothing line called hLam and, almost 20 years later, the pieces are still very chic. I use my Ryan Roche with the same feeling of complete abandon. For Christmas, start with a scarf. Don’t be surprised if your mom wants a sweater next year. Shop Ryan Roche

Shoes for Mom
shoes-bryr-uggBryr clogs are the most charming shoes, and they’re handmade in San Francisco. The Claire Peep Clog is simply the best and my only high-heel shoe. For everyday fall-season shoes, I love the comfort and style of these UGG sneakers. Lined with shearling, I never need to wear socks… a trick I learned from Jane Birkin. Shop BryrUGG

Slippers for Mom
french wool slippers brownAs a mom who works mostly from home, there is nothing better than the best slippers in the world. For consistently warm feet, these are the ultimate slippers! They have a rubberized sole so you can dash outside without getting soaked. You can find them in many shops but only Kaufmann Mercantile carries my favorite solid brown color. Shop Kaufmann Mercantile

Gifts for the Home
Shag Pillows Erica TanovThese Erica Tanov shag pillows remind me the one that Barbara Streisand uses in A Star is Born. Every home needs a hippie-chic cushion. Shop Erica Tanov

Beeswax Candles from Erica Tanov In our home, the fall season begins with finding candles in every room. Currently, I’m obsessed with candles from Erica Tanov and Rebecca Atwood. The beeswax pillars have a clean scent that takes me away. Artist and friend, Rebecca Atwood, collaborated with Riles and Co. on these fragrant cedar wood and lavender candles. I also love Le Feu de L’Eau candles, coming to Nonchalant Mom for Christmas! Shop Candles

pottery mquan, mt washington pottery, shino takedaCeramics are also a passion in the Schott home. So much so, I started taking pottery classes once a week. I have been making lots of small pots and jewelry (coming to Nonchalant Mom soon) but am completely inspired and in awe of
Shino TakedaMQuan (we have her bells throughout the house), and
Mt. Washington Pottery (more bells!). Artisan ceramics are such a nice personal gift, who wouldn’t love these! Shop Shino TakedaMQuanMt. Washington Pottery

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